Several experienced, skilled, and respected political leaders endorsed John Cherry (D-Flint) for State Representative in the 49th District.

State Representative Tim Sneller (50th District) said, “John is a deliberative, and gracious person. He really embodies the qualities that make an excellent statesman. We need voices that are polite and prudent to temper the political atmosphere and improve the lives of Michigan families. John will be the kind of leader that is able to communicate with everyone and bridge the gaps that often prevent Michigan from moving forward.”

Former State Representative in the 49th District and State Senator in the 29th District Robert Emerson has known John Cherry since his birth.  “John grew up in a politically active family and has spent years listening to conversations and debates on the enormous challenges facing Flint and the State of Michigan. I know he’s well-prepared to serve the 49th District. He will be the kind of fighter that will be necessary if our issues are to get a hearing in Lansing.”

Former State Representative Jack Minore served the 49th District from 1998 until term limits forced him out in 2004. He also served 15 years on the Flint City Council and currently resides in Flint.  “When John moved into our neighborhood, I knew it meant good things for my city,” said Minore. “John immediately began seeing the needs in our neighborhood and city, and humbly stepped up to serve. He’s acted as secretary of our neighborhood association, which is a vital but not prestigious role, and spearheaded some desperately needed initiatives to help market our neighborhood and attract families and small businesses.

“John also co-chaired the committee that successfully revised the Flint City Charter. It was an unpaid position, but John and the revision committee really poured themselves into the work. They met weekly for 2 years, working hard to be inclusive of residents across the city and to learn as much as they could about what other cities have tried that could work well in Flint. In the end, they came up with very high-reward, low cost changes and were able to pass muster with Flint voters. I can see John’s mind at work in the new charter. He’s prudent and thoughtful, and those qualities come across in the type of work he accomplishes.”

Former State Representative Rick Hammel served the 48th District and as minority leader in the house. “It is very refreshing to see an up-and-coming leader like John Cherry. He’s very astute, well-prepared, and is able to talk with people from all walks of life. He’ll be embraced by his colleagues in Lansing and able to help build relationships that result in prosperity for everyone in Michigan.”

“It is has been an honor to know all of these respected political leaders, and it is humbling to now have their support. I have grown from my interactions with these leaders and grateful for all that I have learned from them. Genesee County breeds excellent leadership, and I’ve been blessed to gain knowledge and skills by following in the steps proven leadership.”  

Cherry has also received the endorsement of State Representative Phil Phelps (D-Flushing), who currently holds the seat in the 49th District, and Teamsters Local 322.