The AFSCME Council 25 Executive Board and Officers endorsed John Cherry in his run for State Representative in the 49th District which includes cities of Flushing, Mt. Morris and Swartz Creek, a portion of the City of Flint, and the townships of Flint and Mt. Morris.

“The Republican leadership in Lansing and D.C. has fought tooth and nail to make life harder for every day working people and rig the rules in favor of big businesses and CEOs” said Council 25 President Lawrence A. Roehrig. “These candidates have laid out bold visions where anyone that works hard for a living isn’t forced to choose between groceries or the electric bill, where children from every zip code have access to affordable higher education and vocational training, and where our seniors don’t have to worry about constant attacks on their pensions and healthcare and can retire with dignity.”

PEOPLE Chairperson, Lorna Davison, shared Roehrig’s excitement. “These candidates came before committees of AFSCME members across the state as part of a true democratic process. They got to know our members and showed that they understand the struggles that they face on the job and in their communities every day. We’re ready to help get these candidates to Lansing and Washington D.C. so they can restore the American Dream.”

“The war against public employees and outsourcing of jobs must end. Working families are not the enemy. As a state, we should be doing everything we can to reward hard work, provide education for our children, and promote economic security for all. I thank the members for their endorsement and I look forward to working with AFSCME to make these goals a reality,” said John Cherry.